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Jason Drones On and On …about Drones

darpaaerialdragnetIn addition to my sporadic posts here at Sparky RayGun, I’m a regular contributor to DroneLife, a premier source for drone industry news, product information, trends, and analysis.

As an optimistic futurist, I’m bullish about the potential for drones to transform humanity in a positive way despite the many roadblocks along the way — privacy issues, unmanned weaponization and rouge aircraft crashes.

Every past instance of tech emergence has always harbored a potential dark underbelly. Lest we forget the naysayers of the 90’s who predicted the Internet would be a frightening tech-pocalypse rather than the essential backbone of civilization it has become — warts and all.

Once we as a society address the problems inherent with drone disruption- be it job loss, terror threats, etc. — I’m confident we’ll integrate drones into our society to the betterment of humankind. In fact, for every negative story you may find about drones, I can produce three examples of Drones for Good.

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Anti-Drone Tech Attracts $3M Funding Round

skysafeGovernment agencies are shopping around for new anti-drone solutions and the emerging industry is making the venture-capital world take notice.

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Elevating Tech Startups in the Hills and Hollars

img_0002When James Bance and Sam Glover gaze out over the amazing vistas from Howard’s Knob in Boone, N.C., they see the usual sights — the college town’s main streets, Grandfather Mountain’s stolid profile and the gorgeous “hollars,” hills and peaks that have captured the hearts of so many.

But James and Sam see something else – an opportunity to transform the region from just a thriving tourist/university area into the next tech success story — a vibrant new hub for startups. Forget Silicon Valley, meet Silicon Hollar.

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