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Anti-Drone Tech Goes Down Under

DroneshieldAustraliavia DroneLife

An American start-up is showing once again why the anti-drone (or “dronekiller”) industry may be poised to launch a multi-billion-dollar tech sector.

According to Australia’s Financial Review, DroneShield, an anti-drone tech firm formerly based in Herndon, has been acquired by Australian venture-capital group Long Hill LLC and is in the process of raising an investment round of $7 million. Continue reading

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The Internet of Thneeds


Note: I wrote this in 2014 on one of my many now-defunct blogs. I think it’s still relevant as IOT tech heats up. Feedback always welcome.

With the proliferation of wearable technology, RFIDs, self-driving cars and the Quantified Self movement, it’s clear that The Internet of Things has moved beyond trendy, PowerPoint slide fodder and into the Real World of Things.

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