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Boosting Memory: ‘Member Being Born?


Special thanks to Futurism.com. I look to their excellent brand of journalism to spark so many of my ramblings. They are worth a follow on Twitter.

One of my favorite episodes of my favorite futurist anthology, Black Mirror, has to be The Entire History of You (season 1 – ep. 3). In the “near future” (the setting for every Black Mirror scenario), a neural implant allows a person to view every memory they have ever had via their smart device. They can also screen cast their memories as a video feed to anyone. Of course, as with any episode, something goes wrong and a cautionary tale is born.

But what if you could regain your memories from earliest childhood? As Futurism’s June Javelosa writes, your toddler memories are still stuck in some back bedroom closet of your brain but you cannot currently access them due to what scientists call infantile amnesia.

However, new research could lead to a Remembrance of Diaper Days Past.

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