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#DroneMonday: Media Rights, Trump’s DOT, #NoDAPL


It’s a given that drones (aka unmanned aerial vehicles or systems) will continue to skyrocket as a major emerging tech sector. The commercial drone sector is expected to soar into an $89-billion-dollar industry over the next decade, producing millions of new jobs.

As with any disruptive technology, weekly media reports are chocked full of drone-related controversies, breakthroughs and startup news.

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Jason Drones On and On …about Drones

darpaaerialdragnetIn addition to my sporadic posts here at Sparky RayGun, I’m a regular contributor to DroneLife, a premier source for drone industry news, product information, trends, and analysis.

As an optimistic futurist, I’m bullish about the potential for drones to transform humanity in a positive way despite the many roadblocks along the way — privacy issues, unmanned weaponization and rouge aircraft crashes.

Every past instance of tech emergence has always harbored a potential dark underbelly. Lest we forget the naysayers of the 90’s who predicted the Internet would be a frightening tech-pocalypse rather than the essential backbone of civilization it has become — warts and all.

Once we as a society address the problems inherent with drone disruption- be it job loss, terror threats, etc. — I’m confident we’ll integrate drones into our society to the betterment of humankind. In fact, for every negative story you may find about drones, I can produce three examples of Drones for Good.

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Virginia College Launches Drone Program

PVCCA Virginia-based community college is hopping on the drone-training bandwagon to help public-safety agencies embrace technology.

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Anti-Drone Tech Attracts $3M Funding Round

skysafeGovernment agencies are shopping around for new anti-drone solutions and the emerging industry is making the venture-capital world take notice.

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Fighting Fire with Firefighting Drones

Researchers at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln are developing a new drone that may help stop the spread of wildfires by starting smaller fires.

The Unmanned Aerial System for Fire Fighting is the brain-child of several university disciplines including drone technology, fire ecology, conservation and public policy. Continue reading

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Anti-Drone Tech Goes Down Under

DroneshieldAustraliavia DroneLife

An American start-up is showing once again why the anti-drone (or “dronekiller”) industry may be poised to launch a multi-billion-dollar tech sector.

According to Australia’s Financial Review, DroneShield, an anti-drone tech firm formerly based in Herndon, has been acquired by Australian venture-capital group Long Hill LLC and is in the process of raising an investment round of $7 million. Continue reading

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UAV Helps Break the Ice for Canadian Coast Guard

S100canadaA Vienna-based tech firm is flying high after showing its value to Canadian officials in aiding ice-breaking operations on the high seas.

In April, the Schiebel Group demonstrated the Camcopter S-100, a single-rotor UAV, while aboard the Canadian Coast Guard icebreaker George R. Pearkes about 60 miles north of Fogo Island, a sub-arctic island off the coast of Newfoundland. Continue reading

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