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Students concoct Martin Shkreli’s price-hiked pill for a mere $2

imrs.jpgOne of my favorite hashtags is #BetterWorld. Eleven letters and a hash mark concisely capture a shared goal to make the world a healthier, more sustainable place (depending on what one means by “better,” of course).

With that in mind: Here’s an example of how open source cooperation is fighting the insipid greed and demagoguery that threaten to hold back human progress.

The Washington Post details the movie-villain backstory of Martin Shkreli, the biotech executive has become “widely reviled for hiking the price of a lifesaving drug by more than 4,000 percent overnight, to $750 per pill.”

What can defeat such a diabolical scheme?

A few good high-school students:


“A group of 11th grade students claim to have proven a point: the drug can be made for much, much cheaper. The group of 11 high school students, ages 16 and 17, successfully recreated the drug, Daraprim, for a mere $2 a pill, according to scientists from the University of Sydney.”

Shkreli responded via Twitter, admitting he had seen the error of his wrongheaded ways and would immediately drop the price.

Just kidding.


Apparently, not just anyone can make a coherent sentence.

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