Happy Creepy Mother’s Day


Note: This post first appeared before Mother’s Day 2016. It was uber-creepy then and it’s still uber-creepy so enjoy the re-run and call your mama!

A 3D printing company is offering a one time gift for Mother’s Day — her very own replicant of you.

The “deal” is being offered on Groupon which explains.

If you’re reading this so far and are the opposite of creeped out .. Wait … There’s more..

The manufacturer  says:

Unlike busy adult children, life-sized 3D-printed models do not have hectic schedules. That means they’re there when Mom needs them most: all the time. And while your mom can’t claim this life-size replica of you as a dependent on her taxes, she will be able to take it to the movies, drive in the carpool lane, and tell it all about how Darlene is really more of a friend than a hairdresser.

If Bates Motel is not at the top of the queue for whomever wrote THAT–I’ll be damed surprised.


Best of all, this reverse Dorian Gray never ages and never stops smiling, even when it’s watching your mother’s favorite tearjerker or spending the night stashed in the broom closet.

Look… Emerging tech has no greater advocate than SparkyRaygun but… No… Just ….no.


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