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darpaaerialdragnetIn addition to my sporadic posts here at Sparky RayGun, I’m a regular contributor to DroneLife, a premier source for drone industry news, product information, trends, and analysis.

As an optimistic futurist, I’m bullish about the potential for drones to transform humanity in a positive way despite the many roadblocks along the way — privacy issues, unmanned weaponization and rouge aircraft crashes.

Every past instance of tech emergence has always harbored a potential dark underbelly. Lest we forget the naysayers of the 90’s who predicted the Internet would be a frightening tech-pocalypse rather than the essential backbone of civilization it has become — warts and all.

Once we as a society address the problems inherent with drone disruption- be it job loss, terror threats, etc. — I’m confident we’ll integrate drones into our society to the betterment of humankind. In fact, for every negative story you may find about drones, I can produce three examples of Drones for Good.

This rather long introduction is my way of “blog-ifying” and curating my latest posts about the drone world. Rather than waste tons of individual posts, I thought it easier to bullet-point my latest work. I hope you enjoy and will share your feedback about the ever-changing Game of Drones.

ghostdrone-150x150Get Your Drone On…

Top picks for the novice drone pilot. If a UAV is on your Xmas Wish List, these four models will help you ease into what I hope will be a lifelong love affair.


windows-nokia-logoNokia Dials Up Drone Business

Finnish mobile giant is spreading its considerable corporate wings into the drone skies, completing a deal last week with the United Arab Emirates to build a drone traffic management system.


airobotics-nov-23-16-300x210New Drone Software Automates Flight Missions

One of the fastest growing sub-sectors in the unmanned aerial world is drone management software. Tech startups are churning out loads of open and closed source software solutions and mobile apps to help drone users manage aerial inspections, precision agriculture ops and even inventory management. Check out  Airobotics new approach to drone developer solutions that can be integrated into an end-to-end, automatic aerial data collection system.

airspace-300x187Airspace Hunters Take Down Rogue Drones

Several companies have developed amazing tech that can detect and remove the threat of errant or rogue drones — drones flying in unauthorized airspace, for example.California-based Airspace Systems recently conclude a successful test of a drone mitigation tools that remove drone threats in a kind of dogfight, ultimately capturing its prey with a Kevlar net and carrying it away to safety. Oh, and by the way it does it all in mid-freaking-air. You have to see it to believe it.


Want More Drone News?  Check out my recent appearance on the excellent Drone Radio Show podcast

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